September 24, 2011

Senior's Excellent Adventures

Monday, Sept.19, 2011 was the beginning of this years cross country race to knowledge. Like any race there are some ground rules that we set and that we must abide by this year. This year is going to knock your socks off because we have a lot in store. I know it sounds like everyone else every year, but this one is different, trust me. What are those ground rules you ask? I will tell you. We abide by one rule this year and that is to open your eyes and be inspired. What was that again. Maybe you didn't hear me. I said: "OPEN YOUR EYES AND BE INSPIRED!" With this years rule of life established we can hop into our sneakers and in the words of Woody, "run like the wind bullseye!"
 Every good designer apparently needs these ostentatious glasses. "Look ma, we finally fit in." My favorite are the sparkly ones. As seniors, we decided to take our pictures to represent the designers of the past, because everyone knows we are the great ones of the future. 

The meeting began like every year, the introduction to the amazing, fantastic and holistic ASID and NKBA board members. If you didn't know what holistic means, I will TELL you, calm down. It means emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. There you go, you can get a paper bag and breathe. Now that we have that out of the way, on to the amazing adventures of the seniors.
The seniors were so stinking amazing and had so much drama to tell you, we had to separate it in two parts just like the last Harry Potter and Twilight. Those that were sacrificed for the good of the cause this first day of seminar were Melissa, Emily, Jennifer, Arianne, Erin, Rebecca, Peter, Jessica and Kendra. Their experiences were many and their confidence was sure throughout their internship. And yes there were some sharp jagged sticks and rocks along the path and they had dirt rubbed into their wounds, metaphorically speaking of course, but in the end they saw who they really are as a designer and what they truly are able to accomplish when put to the test. These students or should I say designers, have learned a lesson that will determine their success in the future and will follow them throughout the years. Is this the end? No, this is only the beginning. The beginning of . . . (To Be Continued Next Seminar . . .)

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