October 24, 2009

GE Charette 2009

The GE Charette is a 3 hour drafting competition produced by GE and NKBA. We have many students participate and enter every year. Here's a slideshow from this year's intense competition...

October 19, 2009

Sun Valley {cont...}

Additionally, we were treated to tour Sun Valley's relatively new Catholic church. The church was beautiful inside and out, from its stained glass windows to the suede walls, and from the solid exposed trusses to the stained concrete floor. The most magnificent site was the church's ginormous chandelier created completely of fiber optics and abstract glass figures. Its beauty was truly astounding.

The Sun Valley trip was truly an unforgettable treat for all who attended this year!

Annual Intermountain ASID Meeting - Sun Valley 2009

Ashley Sargeant & Tori Hopkin
{it was an early morning...}
Enjoying the vendors during lunch
Stuart Beal being Dr. Gadget
Tehra and Caley enjoying dinner.
Classic TL McRae

We returned again to the Idaho resort town of Sun Valley for another fun day trip to attend the Annual Intermountain ASID Meeting. As students we enjoyed the camaraderie of other regional interior design students, design professionals, and vendors.
We were able to enjoy the beauty of the Sun Valley Inn as we attended seminars by Angela Merola and Sam Allman. They delivered tips on creating trust in client relationships and accurately reading others' body language. These seminars were both entertaining and informational as we learned crucial skills that will help us in the business world of the interior design industry. We also listened to John Troxell, Director of Design from Wood-Mode, Inc., speak on the upcoming design and color trends he has observed from his trips to Europe.
We were so proud of our own Stuart Beal who won the Student Design Competition and a $200 university bookstore gift card. Congratulations, Stuart!! We were also proud of all ten project entries from BYU-Idaho that really represented the excellence of our school's students and professors. Way to go!

October 14, 2009

Arise & Create

Opening Social 2009
Taken from Alma 32:41, “nourish the tree as it beginneth to grow… and it shall take root; and behold it shall be a tree springing up unto everlasting life.” Students were inspired to nourish their talents, faith, and knowledge so that they too would be able to not only increase their design talents and skills but also build their faith in Jesus Christ.

October 13, 2009

Surviving the Clarke {display window}

model: tori

model: ashley

October 12, 2009

ASID & NKBA 2009-2010 Boards

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Julie Snow, Ashley Sargeant, Brittany McPheters, Angela Miller, Whittlee Merrill, Tehra Woodman, Madison Butterfield, Ashley Seare, Caley Park, Anna Allen, Dawnelle Sarlo, Kayla Drebert, Corinne Chidester, Rebecca Coombs

October 9, 2009

From Interior Design Intern to Employee

During the Winter 2009 semester we received a visit from Jeanette Simpson, a licensed interior designer from Florida and founder of KidSpace Interiors.

She spoke to the students of the Interior Design Department about searching for internships, getting a good internship, and being an excellent intern. Recently she has published a book From Interior Design Intern to Employee: How to Be a Keeper that gives advice to interior design students on how to be a good intern.

In her book Jeanette covers everything from where to start looking for internships, the proper way to inquire about internships, and how to be a good intern. Jeanette gives advice on where and when to start looking for internships, including networking through many different organizations and associations. She explains good ways to contact potential employers and how to create a good, appealing resume. She also gives tips and tricks to receiving a job offer after the internship is completed. In addition to advice from the author, the book is full of advice from actual employers to help students be the best intern they can.

Personally, I would recommend the book to any interior design student looking for not just an internship but also an entry-level position in the interior design industry. It was insightful and eye opening.

For more information about Jeanette Simpson and her newly published book her website is http://www.interntoemployee.com. Her blog is also a wonderful source for updated advice, http://www.interntoemployee.blogspot.com. We also have a copy of the book in our department if you are interested! Leave a comment, if you're feeling up to it, about your thoughts and feelings on Jeanette's website and information!

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