March 22, 2010

Design Graduates Reunite!

Lindsay Call and Sara Prowess offered helpful information about their everyday design work and accomplishments at their respective design firms, Wynn Design and Development and Yates-Silverman, Inc.  Each described the work they do on a typical day in the real interior design world.  They shared stories, outlined their scope of responsibilities, their preparation, and their experiences in their current careers.  They were great inspirations to us all of what we can be capable of if we keep working hard.  Their success showed that in the end all the blood, sweat, tears, and late nights, are worth it in the end!  Thanks for coming and sharing your great insights with us!

March 10, 2010

Bookmaking Class!

Thanks to Cassie Grace we all now have fabulous bookmaking skills! Cassie showed us all the secrets behind creating the perfect handmade stab-binding book. We all had a wonderful time learning this valuable skill!

March 9, 2010

Dario Antonioni and Senior Dinner 2010

A round of applause to the Seniors for their blood, sweat, and tears, in planning an awesome Senior Dinner, Show, and Gala event!

Orange 22 principal Dario Antonioni was invited as the events' keynote speaker. At the Senior Dinner, the seniors enjoyed Italian candy, delicious pizza, and Antonioni's priceless advice on a successful career after graduation. In a special design seminar, Antonioni delivered a wonderful presentation on the design process to interior and graphic design students. The Senior Show and Gala was an excellent opportunity for students and seniors' guests to mingle among the delicious dessert bar and the incredible interactive Senior Show in the Spori Art Gallery. The Senior Show reflects the amazing talent and commitment of members of our senior class in a beautifully creative showcase. Antonioni also provided insight into his own journey to becoming a outstanding designer through a Q&A session. Students were enamored by Antonioni’s excellent presentation skills, valuable information, and incredible design achievement. The seniors should be commended for the excellent work in putting a fantastic event together!

2010 Senior Show Gallery & Gala Night

Interior Design :: Behind the Scenes

Gala Night

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