September 11, 2011

Fall 2011 Freshman Orientation

The day began with a simple meet and greet activity. The new freshman filed in the room slowly and quietly like a soft stream. Within minutes, this soft stream became a roaring river of loud, excited freshman trying to finish their activity. Just as chaos was about to ensue, the meeting began. One of our own beloved instructors, Brother Julander, took the floor and proceeded to welcome the freshman. The words spoken were bold, but true. Many freshman had fear or uncertainty on their faces that were quickly broken by Brother Julander's witty repartee. 

To any instructor, the greatest satisfaction they can have is to see their young pupils grow and become the best they can be. This great man said, "do not worry about the pains of growth, it is for your own good and development." Also, as a reminder to us all of the importance of the spirit, Brother Julander stated this, "the spirit is the most incredible tool to have." We must not forget the vital role the spirit has in our lives. Young minds reeling, the freshman were introduced to their future mentors and friends: Brother Parson, Sister Harris, and Brother McRae. The introductions were finished and students were separated into three large herds to fulfill the upcoming attractions. Just like the horse races, they were off.  

 The story continued. . .   Young eager minds learned the art of matte cutting, as well as the art of working with power tools, and the ever loud, snoring monster: the spray booth. The lessons persisted with tile cutting, foam cutting, hole punching, library touring, copy spot, testing center, and the railroad tracks to college education: our academic advisers.

I hope you enjoyed this ever inspiring tale of the freshman orientation. THE END.

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Dana said...

Happy to have caught a pic of my stepmom, Wendy Harris, on here! This blog is a great way to keep tabs on "her" program! ;)
BTW, if you add the Follow by Email gadget on the sidebar, new blog posts can be sent directly to subscriber inboxes (so much easier to keep up with things)!

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