February 8, 2011

Kevin Eutsler of Dyno Nobel Inc.

Kevin Eutsler is a Senior Training Manager for Dyno Nobel Inc. He showed students the various personality types and how to interact with one another. He gave tips on how to read people and to adjust your work habits to work with someone of another personality type. The four personalities types are the guardians, the idealists, the artisans, and the rationals. Each of the personalities has different characteristics, values, and motto's that make up who they are. Learning about each of these personalities helps us to better understand people and allows is to better communicate and interact with every personality.

Kevin gave us four basic communication rules:

1. I spoke without thinking is totally untrue
2. Listening is under-valued, under-learned, and under-utilized
3. Who I am dictates How I am; How I am dictates What I do
4. We don’t see the world as it is; we see the world as we are

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